ALFREDO[1]‘It’s Judo whenever you look for excellence in thought and action’

Some years after the foundation of Judo Kodokan, Master Jigoro Kano wrote two principles which represent the milestone of Kodokan’s philosophy so far. Oddly, everyone states to share them, but no one puts them into practice.

They are ‘Sei ryoku saizen katsu yo’ and ‘Jita yu wa kyoei’: the former concerns the behavior, the latter ethics. ‘Sei ryoku saizen katsu yo’ means ‘the best use of the physical and spiritual energy in every action’. ‘Jita yu wa kyoei’ is instead the implementation of the first principle in order to develop harmony, grow up and make progress with the others.

To look for excellence in thought and action is the summary of both principles by Master Jigoro. Excellence in thought includes the best you can do and offer during the training  while respecting the rules.

Excellence in action is endlessly looking for the Ippon and for perfect movements. In the previous texts I reminded you how easy is not to pay attention anymore when we are tired during the Kata or the Randori.

When we are stressed or tired the dark sides of our character surface. In that moment our intellect is weak and cannot defend itself anymore. You’re probably thinking that I’m exaggerating, but I can confirm you that it is really so, both in kata and in Randori.

This is the reason why Master Kano included the Kagami Migaki, the poem I spoke about last time, into the Seiryoku zen’yo kokumin taiiku no kata.

During the conference Jigoro Kano held on the 11th May 1889 in front of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Judo was presented officially as the most suitable discipline for the Japanese schools because it aims to build physically and morally a new generation.

Thanks to the Judo spiritual education, this new generation will be able to defeat its interior enemy both during the Judo practice and in the everyday life.

Alfredo VismaraHanshi Dai Nippon Butokukai

Traduzione di Andrea Lorenzo Covini